Is It Healthy to Eat Only Chicken?

The hen weight-reduction plan is a straightforward manner of consuming that entails consuming solely hen for every meal all through the day.

Proponents of the weight-reduction plan declare it could possibly promote fast fats loss with a minimal deal with meal planning, in concept serving to individuals keep on with the weight-reduction plan.

That mentioned, most well being professionals warn towards such diets, as they remove main meals teams, leaving you prone to nutrient deficiencies.

This text critiques the hen weight-reduction plan, together with its potential advantages and disadvantages, that can assist you determine whether or not the weight-reduction plan is best for you.

Food regimen overview scorecard

  • General rating: 1
  • Weight reduction: 1
  • Wholesome consuming: 0.5
  • Sustainability: 1.5
  • Entire physique well being: 0
  • Vitamin high quality: 2
  • Proof-based: 1

BOTTOM LINE: Whereas some individuals declare the hen weight-reduction plan can promote fast weight reduction, analysis doesn’t help this. Furthermore, it’s unhealthy, unsustainable, and more likely to result in dietary deficiencies over the long run.

The hen weight-reduction plan turned widespread throughout Matt Damon’s preparation for his position within the movie “Braveness Beneath Hearth” in 1996, throughout which he ate solely hen breasts to lose about 60 kilos (27.2 kg).

Damon himself has mentioned that this isn’t the healthiest manner of consuming, and he was simply doing what he needed to for the position.

Since then, others have adopted the hen weight-reduction plan as a way of dropping massive quantities of physique fats shortly with out having to comply with the in depth pointers of typical diets.

This weight-reduction plan belongs to a class of weight-reduction plan known as mono weight-reduction plan. That is whenever you eat only one kind of meals for all of your meals each day.

Followers of this model keep on with consuming solely hen, largely breast meat, to attain a calorie deficit. It is a state during which you eat fewer energy than you burn, resulting in weight reduction.


The hen weight-reduction plan is a weight-reduction plan during which you eat solely hen for all of your meals to advertise a calorie deficit and shed extra pounds.

The hen weight-reduction plan is kind of easy to comply with as a result of it consists of just one meals merchandise. There aren’t any portion-size restrictions.

That mentioned, some individuals select to comply with much less strict variations of the weight-reduction plan, which can embrace greens and a few fruits.

They can maintain these variations of the weight-reduction plan for longer intervals, as they embrace essential vitamins which might be lacking from the chicken-only model.


In its most inflexible type, the hen weight-reduction plan contains solely hen breast meat.

Nonetheless, some dieters embrace different cuts of hen, together with legs, thighs, and wings.

These cuts are larger in fats than breast meat. Due to this fact, they supply extra energy.

Cooking strategies

Folks on the hen weight-reduction plan use a number of cooking strategies for his or her meals:

  • Grilling: This is among the extra widespread cooking strategies, because it tends to require much less added fats.
  • Baking or roasting: These different widespread strategies are adequate whenever you don’t have entry to a grill.
  • Broiling: That is much like grilling, however you normally do it in a regular oven or toaster oven.
  • Braising: Calmly panfry the hen after which prepare dinner it coated, submerged in liquid, for an prolonged time at a decrease temperature.
  • Fried: The hen is submerged in scorching cooking oil in both a pan or deep fryer. This creates a crisp outer coating however provides fairly a little bit of fats.
  • Boiling: You submerge the meat in boiling water and prepare dinner it till the inner temperature reaches 165ºF (74ºC). That is the leanest methodology, because it doesn’t require added fat. Nonetheless, some might discover the feel missing.

If you happen to’re following the hen weight-reduction plan, it’s possible you’ll wish to change your cooking strategies on occasion to present the weight-reduction plan extra selection.

You’ll be able to season the hen nevertheless you’d like, which additionally helps add curiosity.

Food regimen period

There’s no particular guideline relating to how lengthy to comply with the hen weight-reduction plan, although most individuals go on it for 1–2 weeks in an effort to shed extra pounds shortly.


You’ll be able to comply with the hen weight-reduction plan by consuming hen, normally baked or grilled, in unrestricted portion sizes for your entire meals for 1–2 weeks.

It’s essential to notice that scientists haven’t researched the all-chicken weight-reduction plan and its results on weight reduction.

To shed extra pounds, that you must keep a constant calorie deficit, that means you eat fewer energy than you burn (1).

Whilst you can obtain this in quite a few methods, some individuals take excessive measures, akin to an all-chicken weight-reduction plan.

Contemplating that hen is a low calorie meals and largely made up of protein, this weight-reduction plan can promote weight reduction. Nonetheless, it comes with some extreme unwanted effects.

As well as, a correct train program is a crucial element of a weight reduction routine.

Lastly, though the weight-reduction plan might promote weight reduction, you’re more likely to regain the load as soon as you come back to a well-balanced weight-reduction plan (2).


The hen weight-reduction plan promotes a calorie deficit by offering considerably fewer energy than a conventional weight-reduction plan. This results in short-term weight reduction. That mentioned, it’s possible you’ll regain the load you misplaced when you resume your common weight-reduction plan.

One vital advantage of the all-chicken weight-reduction plan is its simplicity.

The weight-reduction plan doesn’t require you to eat set quantities of protein, carbs, or fat, nor do it’s a must to observe the meals you eat.

The weight-reduction plan doesn’t require its followers to measure their portion sizes both.

Research have proven that consuming protein may help cut back your urge for food. This will enable you to eat much less on the hen weight-reduction plan (3).

Thus, the weight-reduction plan might assist some individuals jump-start their weight reduction for a brief time period, after which they need to transition to a extra balanced weight-reduction plan.

Nonetheless, this weight-reduction plan has many downsides and isn’t the very best weight-reduction plan for weight reduction.


Whereas the advantages of consuming solely hen are restricted, the hen weight-reduction plan requires minimal planning, means that you can eat any portion dimension, and is kind of easy to comply with. The excessive protein content material might assist cut back your urge for food.

The all-chicken weight-reduction plan may be very restrictive and eliminates a number of essential meals teams. As such, it could come as no shock that it has quite a few doubtlessly critical downsides.

Nutrient deficiencies

One of many main issues when following a mono weight-reduction plan, such because the hen weight-reduction plan, is the chance you’ll develop a nutrient deficiency.

Having a well-varied weight-reduction plan is a crucial a part of making certain you get the entire main vitamins your physique requires to operate.

Rooster is an effective supply of vitamin B6 and phosphorous, in addition to a wealthy supply of protein, niacin, and selenium. Nonetheless, it lacks a number of different important vitamins, akin to vitamin C and folate (4).

Many nutrient deficiencies can develop shortly. Due to this fact, subscribing to the hen weight-reduction plan for even a brief time period places you at a substantial danger of growing one.

That mentioned, in case you select to comply with the weight-reduction plan, take into account taking a each day multivitamin to assist forestall main nutrient deficiencies.

Unhealthy consuming habits

One other doubtlessly critical aspect impact of following an all-chicken weight-reduction plan is the chance that it contributes to the event of unhealthy consuming habits.

Eliminating entire meals teams might have lasting psychological results for some people.

For instance, upon returning to consuming a conventional weight-reduction plan, it’s possible you’ll really feel a way of guilt or nervousness when consuming meals aside from hen.

This is among the signs of disordered consuming, which refers to a bunch of irregular consuming behaviors that healthcare suppliers might or might not diagnose as an consuming dysfunction (5, 6).

Overly proscribing your calorie consumption, consuming a restricted vary of meals, avoiding excessive calorie meals, and having lowered meals flexibility are thought-about disordered consuming behaviors and will enhance your danger of growing an consuming dysfunction (7).

To keep up a wholesome relationship with meals, it’s greatest to keep away from extremely restrictive diets just like the hen weight-reduction plan altogether. As a substitute, select a well-balanced dietary sample that fuels your physique in a wholesome manner.

Unsustainable and restrictive

For many individuals, the hen weight-reduction plan could also be unsustainable and boring. You’re restricted to consuming solely hen whereas following the weight-reduction plan, which can grow to be monotonous.

Whereas there are seemingly infinite methods to season hen, after a number of days of sticking to 1 single meals merchandise, even essentially the most devoted individuals might develop weight-reduction plan fatigue.

Plus, this weight-reduction plan is extraordinarily restrictive and cuts out meals that your physique must operate optimally, together with excessive fiber greens and fruits, different sources of protein, wholesome fat, and extra.

Though this weight-reduction plan isn’t meant to be adopted long run, many individuals can have a tough time adhering to it for even a couple of days.

Fried meals consumption

Whereas most followers of the all-chicken weight-reduction plan select to bake or grill their meat, others might want to fry it.

Together with fried meals sometimes as part of an total nutritious weight-reduction plan is unlikely to have damaging well being results.

That mentioned, research have discovered that consuming excessive quantities of fried meals is related to an elevated danger of sure ailments, akin to coronary heart illness and most cancers (8, 9).

Due to this fact, in case you select to comply with an all-chicken weight-reduction plan, which isn’t advisable, it’s greatest to keep away from frying your meat. Attempt deciding on one other cooking methodology as a substitute, akin to broiling or baking.


The hen weight-reduction plan comes with a number of doubtlessly critical downsides, together with the danger of growing nutrient deficiencies and unhealthy consuming habits, its total unsustainability, and a rise in fried meals consumption.

The all-chicken weight-reduction plan is an consuming sample during which you eat solely hen for your entire meals.

Whereas the weight-reduction plan can assist weight reduction, it comes with some doubtlessly critical downsides, together with nutrient deficiencies, unhealthy consuming habits, and total unsustainability.

Weighing the advantages towards the most important downsides exhibits that the hen weight-reduction plan is just not an excellent method to weight-reduction plan.

If you happen to’re seeking to obtain weight reduction, you’ll get essentially the most wholesome, long-term outcomes by following a well-balanced weight-reduction plan with a reasonable, constant calorie deficit.

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