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by Kimberly Rivers
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Vitamin D

Dr. Matthew Bloom, D.O.

“Vitamin D is concerned in regulating completely different proteins and immune modulators. It permits the immune system to perform in a standard and wholesome method. With out [adequate] Vitamin D there are lacking elements within the immune system and it could’t do its job.” — Dr. Matthew Bloom, D.O.


Most individuals can get sufficient Vitamin D by spending simply 20 minutes a day within the sunshine, between 10 a.m. and three p.m. That’s when the UVB rays present the very best alternative for Vitamin D publicity on the higher torso and arms with out UVB-blocking sunscreen. Alternate options embody getting Vitamin D by way of eating regimen, together with fatty fish like salmon or grass-fed purple meat. However, Bloom says, daylight is greatest. 


Restrict stress

Dr. Cynthia Porch-Curren M.D.

White blood cells are the “troopers of our immune system.”
— Dr. Christina Porch-Curren, M.D. 

White blood cells produce the antibodies, together with cytokines and interleukins, our physique wants to reply correctly to viruses and maintain off an infection. Stress, says Porch-Curren, can inhibit white blood cells from working at peak efficiency, thus weakening our immune system. 


7 suggestions for on a regular basis well being

Dr. Stanley Frochtzwajg M.D., chief medical officer of Neighborhood Memorial Hospital, gives seven suggestions for general well being. 

Dr. Stanley Frochtzwajg M.D., chief medical officer of Neighborhood Memorial Hospital,

Vitamin: An Anti-inflammatory eating regimen that’s low in refined sugar, gluten and that limits dairy merchandise. 

Hydration: Water is required for all processes within the physique. 

Sleep: Significantly deep REM sleep that’s not disrupted by alcohol. 

Train: 20-Half-hour of strolling on a regular basis, ideally outdoors. 

Meditation/Leisure: Meditation or a calming, meditative exercise like drawing or gardening. 

Social interplay: Dialog, bodily hugging and intercourse are greatest, however digital face-to-face connections can present an identical dopamine response. 

Spirituality: “It may be faith, philosophy or any side thereof. We have to have a way of ourselves and the way we belong on this universe, inside our world, inside our society, inside our household, and it’s solely by way of spirituality that you’ve got an expansive or larger sense of that.”

A partial reprint from “No straightforward solutions: Can we improve well being to fight COVID?,” by Kimberly Rivers, July 9, 2020, Ventura County Reporter


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